Dear Mrs. Young is about a relationship that you know is different: when the world spotlights that one person and nothing else matters. This is the kind of love that is true.

Although Foxfire Run was only just formed in May of this year, Rodney, Jake, and Logan have played together for years, and had an amazing chemistry to draw from, as well as a lot of life experience to inform the writing of this song. Dear Mrs. Young features a personal revelation about how for this love, now, nothing is the same. Sometimes, you discover feelings you didn't know you could have. This is the moment, suspended in time, when a young love flowers into something more than just beautiful - it suddenly feels vital. With a synth-pop sound that might remind you of Moon Taxi, Foxfire Run delivers a compelling and introspective follow-up to their debut single Those Days.

I've never seen a love like that
It doesn't seem real just yet

This song is featured on our CHILL New Songwriters playlist.