This review was originally published in June of 2018.

This feels like an iconic voice from the early days of North American guitar rock. Danny Beissel got his start singing with Fosterchild*, and had this most recent project produced with friend and former Train band-mate Charles Colin. The vocals remind us of a classic British sound, perhaps the cross-Atlantic counterpart to a sound like Big Star, where instead of the acoustic guitar we have sine wave synthesizers and radio crackle.

A mellotron sound completes the reference over the break, and the subsequent ending, where we just barely touch on the sound of the Moody Blues before swooping right back into modern roots rock territory. The lead vocal is bold, and just lilted enough, just powerful enough, to allow the melody to infiltrate the mind.

“If you say it then it must be true
It’s the new road”— Featherborn

FEATHERBORN is the latest project from singer-songwriter Danny Beissel who is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

* of Philadelphia, not Calgary.