We love roots music.

What are you looking for?

Primarily, we are looking for fantastic music that has a clear point of view, an original sound, and an intriguing use of melody; you might also want to read the original roots manifesto, which is what I call it now. We are setting up for more syndication next year, in terms of the features themselves, as well as a podcast that will be launching in Q1 2019. If you want to be considered for a blog piece, you will need to submit an mp3 or a music video. Spotify includes are fine to submit with a Spotify link, but if you want a chance at being included in our next Top Picks playlist, or on any of the podcast episodes, you will need to submit for a blog piece with an mp3 or a music video.

I am also looking for good communication. If you are submitting through SubmitHub, please take a moment to provide a few hi-res image choices, a note about the release, and the current band location. That helps me a lot.

Finally, my timelines are very compressed, so please don’t keep me waiting. Part of the SubmitHub metrics are based around response time, so I am very sensitive to being made to wait. If I make a request, please respond within 24 hours if at all possible.

What happened to my song? It was on your playlist, and now it’s gone.

It’s not common, but at times I will pull a song from a playlist if it doesn’t seem to fit anymore, or if I hear something new in the recording that changes my mind about it.

Also, for some of the playlists, I will be doing some light culling at year’s end. The CHILL NEW Songwriters series will be locked every year, but the other playlists are dynamic year-to-year so if you are not on there, it is because the playlist has evolved and the song didn’t make sense any more to be there.

Please don’t take this stuff personally. We are doing the best we can to write coverage for the artists we love as fast as possible. If your playlist spot was referenced in a blog post, it should be permanent. If that is not the case, feel free to send us a note.

Are my future submissions to CHILLFILTR being blocked?

It is entirely possible that you were blocked from future submissions. I take pride in my reviews, and I have stated it clearly in the blog description: if you low-rate me out of spite, I will block you.

That being said, if you feel you were blocked unfairly, just send me a message using the contact form, and I will take a look and see if we can put it behind us.

Where can I find your playlists?

Right now, there are 5 main places to a stream our playlists:

Finally, all of our playlists will come up on a search for either CHILLFILTR or SONGLISTR.

Where do I submit for coverage?

We have a sponsorship page that talks more about that but in short:

  • It’s best to start here if you are new to this. Submit a song, get some feedback, and over time you will understand what I like and what I get excited about.

  • Sometimes you are in a rush, or have a lot of confidence in your tracks, and you just want me to hear a full project, up to 10 songs, and find out what I think. Do that here.

  • Pitch me an idea: I am rolling out a lot of avenues for monetization in the next year, so this is a good time to get involved. I am not interested in banner ads, or anything that feels cheap or experimental. I am looking for a very few targeted brand sponsors that are looking to connect with my readership of publicists, artists, as well as their friends and fans. I need sponsors that are willing to invest in stellar copy, great graphics, and want to be featured in the upcoming podcast launch. Please get in touch if you are interested.

I have great music. I sent it to you through an unofficial channel. Why haven’t I had a response?

Here’s the thing: yes, I love what I do, and yes, I love good music. I am always looking for that next great song, and I am glad you are excited about your music. I have made it very clear: if you are interested in working with me, you will need to submit through SubmitHub (at $2 per song) or through the sponsorship page. If you use the contact form where it explicitly says do not use this form for music pitches, to send me music, you are demonstrating to me that you either can’t read, can’t follow instructions, or think the rules don’t apply to you. I get it - not everybody is willing to pay these micro-rates for exposure; but this is my living. I am an ex-engineer with a passion for writing and I am building a business to cover my costs. I cannot do that on the back of free submissions, no matter how good the song is. I am making investments in technology, content, and infrastructure that my competitors are not doing. I will no longer be writing individual responses to those of you that insist on using the contact form to send me SoundCloud links: please don’t do it.

My submission was denied, but I still got added to your playlist. What’s up?

When I see that you are looking specifically for Spotify playlist adds, I may give you a spot but still deny the submission. At one point, I wanted to spin off a playlist-only channel from CHILLFILTR so that we could do more playlist adds: as it stands, I am held to writing blog pieces for 85% of my content, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for playlist-only activity, and we have a growing family of lists to keep feeding. This is a good way of keeping the new playlists interesting, and as they grow bigger, we may spin them off onto a new SubmitHub channel. For now, we have this hybrid strategy which seems to work pretty well.

If you have a question and you did not find an answer on this page, please let us know.