With an emotionally raw and endearing vocal delivery, Evenson Andre, or simply Evenson, feels like the kid next door who always seems to have his headphones on. For a 21-year-old first generation Haitian-American fluent in French Creole, he brings a unique stylistic vision to bedroom-pop.

Thanks to his affinity for Charli XCX, Augustine, Lorde, as well as his internalization of the rhythmic delivery of hip-hop artists like Kid Cudi, his debut single 'The More You Wanna (Break Up)' delivers a fresh, hybridized sound, with a nod to synthwave and a heartfelt sense of lyricism. Evenson pinpoints the frustration of a relationship where the connection is fleeting, and we are forced to concede that it wasn't meant to be.

All these people move around me acting like nothing has changed
I run through these crowds to find you
but you're slipping further away

Expect more music from Evenson in 2020. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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