Emily Rowed made her first showing on the pop scene in 2014 when her voice was chosen to be featured on a track by Dutch EDM legend Tiësto. After her successful debut release of Electric Heart in 2017, Rowed is back with APRIL, and her latest single Watercolors, produced by Toronto's La+ch and chronicling her own experiences with unexpected romance.

The feeling is that moment of true fusion, of body-high and dizzy fever, when everything comes together and feels impossibly right. The sparse and rhythmic focus on live drums, electric piano, and a passionate lead vocal delivery from Rowed leaves us with a powerful statement about physical rapture. Watercolors is a deep groove coupled with the raw transposition of an undeniable attraction between beautiful people.

Emily Rowed is a singer and songwriter that is based in Los Angeles. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.