Emily Kinney is a little too old to be daydreaming in the back of a classroom, immersed in unrequited love for a guitar player in a pop-punk band she used to watch on MTV - but on "Oh, Jonathan," Kinney’s upcoming release, she just can’t seem to help herself. Kinney’s career encompasses 2 EPs and a previous album release called "This is War," a subsequent tour, as well as a high-profile acting role playing Beth Greene on AMC’s hit tv show "The Walking Dead," which often featured her music and vocal performance.

As an actor, she has continued on to more mature roles in shows like Masters of Sex, Ten Days in the Valley, and to her current gig as an emotional, tenacious mother of a young girl that is battling cancer in the upcoming Netflix series Messiah. Her career has always moved at full speed, moving from Nebraska to New York City at just 19 years old, with a debut on Broadway for "Spring Awakening" just a few years later. Kinney is now making a life for herself in Los Angeles, where she will continue to act and perform, and she puts her romantic inner-world in the spotlight for "Oh, Jonathan." Kinney explains that she didn’t set out to make a whole album about one relationship, but it just kept coming back around.  

"No matter how hard I tried at new relationships, I just couldn’t seem to move on."

Kinney's experience navigating the spurious intimations of love brings authentic moments to mind, such as her memory of a perfect day in Nashville, when the potential for connection was still real. Life is about never losing hope, and dusting off our own broken heart as often as necessary. Kinney’s sweetly vulnerable vocal performance pairs well with details from her personal life, and paves the way for something better.

I've been drinking, but I got no buzz
So all the glitter just looks like dust

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