Elkvilla is the new solo project from Sydney-born producer Adam Dudek. He wrote and produced his debut EP in a Berlin apartment during the winter, and will be releasing each track as a single in advance of the full release that is scheduled for June.

"Hunting" explores the dismal routines of celibacy and the rarity of true romantic connection, set in contrast against the bustle of a modern metropolis. A delicate, folk-style acoustic guitar pairs with ambient production elements and a gorgeous vocal harmony, painting an emotional picture of frustrated loneliness and the resolve to find love at any cost. Dudek's breathy and resonant vocal performance pays tribute to the influences of Elliott Smith, Daughter, and Ben Howard, while this dynamic folk-pop gem evokes images of falling snow, and the cold absence of a hand to hold when the night feels like it might last forever.

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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