"Peter Piper" is the breakout hit from Los Angeles rapper DMB Gotti. With over a million TikTok videos and Soundcloud streams, Gotti has no plans of slowing down. It is time to get familiar with the talents of this fresh west-coast rap star.

DMB Gotti is a relatively new voice in the LA hip-hop scene, and has quickly built a strong following for himself on the strength of seven singles that were released last year. In a previous life, he was an amazing football player but is now fully committed to his own musical success. Gotti’s main influence is Lil Wayne, from which he has forged his own unique sound that is currently getting traction and growing in popularity. Hip-hop fans wanting to get ahead of the curve will be well-advised to put their ears on the magic he’s making. With missives on sex, culture, and politics, DMB Gotti covers a wide range of topics, and is not afraid to make bold statements about the nature of modern life. As a commentary on hip-hop culture in Los Angeles, and an example of what raw inspiration looks like, this drop from DMB Gotti is as good as it gets.

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