De'Wayne Jackson is a fresh voice originally from the deep hip-hop scene in Houston, now transplanted to the Los Angeles region since graduating from high school in Spring, Texas. The groove borrows from his gospel roots, a synth-heavy electronic feel, and a little bit of swing.

Lyrically, we follow the family progression: from father to son, and beyond. This track digs through the cause-and-effect, and the bitter legacy that comes from a systematic lack of access to the physical and spiritual tools needed to thrive. De'Wayne Jackson pulls no punches, and describes the evolution necessary to becoming a man in the urban jungle.

Papa had respect on the corner, and his papa rode with the Crips in California

Family Tree, the latest from De'Wayne Jackson, is a testament to the meeting between truth and motivation that can pull someone out of the darkness through sheer force of will.

De’Wayne Jackson is an alternative Singer/Rapper from Houston, Texas. His music combines elements of rock, industrial and rap with a mission to show people we shouldn’t live in boxes and neither should our music. This song is featured on our Conscious Hip Hop playlist.