This post was originally published in December 2018.

My reference for this fun, new band of youngsters is a stateside Phoenix: you have the infectious melody, the synth primacy, and the pristine groove synergy. Plus, the video is just cool.

The secret sauce here is the syncopation: the way that straight half-note groove flams with the lazy triplets and the double-pump kick drum. Along with how the keyboard riffs off the lead vocal, and the fuzzy bass lines, this song just takes off and doesn’t look back.

it’s a statement about the way society nurtures its next generation; what’s missing right now is a simple mechanism for relaxation:

Not much of role model
can’t take it slow
I don’t want to be made to follow
but I can’t be left alone

With their new single Role Model, daysormay are sure to attract a lot more attention from the indie-pop crowd; this is a truly exuberant track about kicking off the expectations that others might have for you, and simply accepting who you are.

daysormay was formed in 2010 between 5 friends in Vernon, BC. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.