Confessional Electro Pop from Los Angeles. - Cubs: Out of Minutes

Confessional Electro Pop from Los Angeles. - Cubs: Out of Minutes

Cubs is a songwriter and producer from Los Angeles with an instinct for slick downtempo beats that are touched with hints of indie pop. She started playing piano at 4 years old, and then eventually went to NYU for music.

"Out of Minutes" was inspired by a line from an episode of Grey's Anatomy - about needing to take time to yourself to process something, but also trying to let your partner know that you still need them and want their support. Cubs has a voice that is warm and inviting, as she explores the rich emotional space between self-determination and codependence. A prominent bass line couples with elements of synth-pop to drive a melodic hook straight through this heartfelt confessional. Now based in Los Angeles, Cubs has a goal, with each new song, to continuously improve her song-craft and production skills - "Out of Minutes" is the result of a fresh sense of determination, to expose her own feelings in a way that can resonate with an entire generation. This groovy track reconstructs the inner conversation between shame and pride, wrapped in an inviting and subtle electronic groove.

I need some time alone
Be back later when I know for sure
If I speak too soon
I might let you in before I'm in the mood

This song is featured on our Groovy Summer playlist.

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