It’s a straight mix, with that kick drum front-and-center; the melody does the work, and the mid-heavy 16th note pedal tone on the acoustic guitar, just flutters around the edges of the stereo image. There’s that light swing, and the heavy backbeat. Yes, please.

With a marble-smooth voice and a southern-sweet affect, this feels like the morning wake up song for that couple that makes the neighborhood utterly aware of their reality-show love:

“Oh I say I’m gonna leave
but I always come back
and my friends call me up
trying to hit me with facts”— Chris Ayer

Maybe it feels like codependence, but it’s a fact of life - when you’re in love, nobody else really matters. We should all be so lucky as to need someone this way.

[Go to 11 min mark to hear this song.]

Chris Ayer has honed his craft over nearly a decade’s worth of countless performances across the globe. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW songwriters playlist.