CHILL Picks Mixtape. - v2: Electro Pop Jams

v2: Electro Pop Jams. - From downtempo, to indie electro, to synthwave, some of the hottest music in the US and all over the world belongs to electro-pop.

CHILL Picks Mixtape. - v2: Electro Pop Jams

Electro Pop is one of our top submission genres. Sometimes the lines between electro pop, electronic, commercial pop, and hip hop are a bit blurry, but as long as the groove is big, the production is sharp, and the vocal melody is good, then it is a good candidate for this genre. From downtempo, to indie electro, to synthwave, some of the hottest music in the US and all over the world belongs here. This is also our most-requested genre for A&R.

Hello, and welcome to CHILL Picks Mixtape. - v2: brought to you by CHILLFILTR, on the web at I'm your host Krister Axel. On this episode, we are covering Electro Pop.

Trixxie recently made her debut in the electronic music world with the release of breakout single "All of My Life" in a collaboration with US-based DJ trio Cheat Codes. She returns with new single "Stuck On You," which extends the contours of Trixxie's fresh sound through a set of electrifying instrumentals.

Fresh Electronic Dance Pop. - TRIXXIE: Stuck On You
Carries a DIY message of self-expression to Trixxie’s growing fan-base, as this dance-friendly pop track is sure to get under your skin.

Raison Music proudly presents one of the most exciting, up-and-coming electronic artists from Lebanon: IMAD, and his new release in collaboration with Robbie Koex and Sam Phay. Combining organic sounds with wistful emotion, "Altar" explores the cold, harsh side of winter, and the salvation to be found in the warmth of a romantic connection.

DIY Electro Pop from Lebanon and Australia. - Imad x Robbie Koex x Sam Phay: Altar
Explores the cold, harsh side of winter, and the salvation to be found in the warmth of a romantic connection.

Los Angeles 3-piece indie band Moontower have built an impressive following in little more than a year. On their latest single "Rerun," this infectious chorus is built around around an exploration of the bad habits, from too many TV dinners to calling in 'fake sick' to work, that together can lead to a sense of stagnation.

Melodic Electro Pop from Los Angeles. - Moontower: Rerun
This powerful electro-pop single joins thick layers of synth arpeggio with pulsating hi-hat, big melodies, and a bright message of self-care.

CAROLINE started performing at 3, writing lyrics at 8, and songwriting at 12. Every song she writes is an honest exploration of her personal life, meant to give the world an insight into the daily struggles and high-stakes reality of her generation. She transmits a feeling of hope and inclusivity with her original music, sending the message to other young girls with a similar background that they are not alone.

Resilient Electro Pop for Fans of Selena Gomez. - CAROLINE x Space Primates: Already There
Demonstrates a sense of confidence and deep resilience in the face of the unknown, and gives the listener a reason to jump in to the deep end of their own romantic mystery.

A collaboration between electronic artists Astrolemo and DOV, "Haunting Me" features subtle, understated vocals over the top of an introspective and soothing downtempo beat. In a fusion of modernized Massive Attack and spicy Bonobo, this revisit of a ballad from 2018 explores a groove that is less detached and ethereal than the original.

Seething Minimal Electronic Grooves. - Astrolemo: Haunting Me (DOV Remix)
Opts for a droned-out style of melodic hooks and altered vocals to complement the seething backdrop of minimal electronic sound design.

Typo, the latest single from Swedish producer Discrete and Chilean electro-pop artist Sistek, finds lovers sorting through their mixed feelings during a two-way dispute, while singer-songwriters Tudor and Voss trade verses. This ode to messy romance marks the first single to drop from Discrete's upcoming Explore EP.

Explosive Electro Pop from Stockholm. - Discrete x Sistek: Typo (ft. Tudor, Voss)
The attraction featured in this explosive track is both dramatic and dangerous.

Yes Please is back with a new single from upcoming project "Updog." On the heels of several Apple Music playlist placements and a Zane Lowe world premiere, "Half Nelson" is a song about someone who you thought was the one, until they start acting differently towards you, and everything falls apart. This songwriting duo delivers edgy, rhythmic pop sugar with every new track.

Edgy Pop Sugar Mixes Hip Hop and Disco. - Yes Please: Half Nelson
Life is strange, love is crazy. At least we have the music.

Hundreds has earned a reputation as one of Germany’s most successful indie acts, and they are releasing a new single "Body of Water" ahead of their 4th album "The Current," due out later this year. According to lead singer Eva Milner, this electro-pop track came together as "an ode to the spirits of the water and its power," in a co-write with Berlin-based, Irish songwriter Wallis Bird.

Innovative Electro Pop from Germany. - Hundreds: Body of Water (Lyric Video)
A rhythmic and wistful exploration of the synergy between personal introspection and the natural world. photo credit: J Konrad Schmidt

Kaption is a DJ and producer based in Sydney. "Emotional" is his latest offering, a rhythmic pop-confection that came together in a collaboration with singer Kyan Palmer. Kaption's musical journey started with a remix of "In Da Club," an all-time crowd pleaser. Combining smooth vocals and a big drum mix, his releases cover the distance between electro pop and downtempo, with elements of auto-tune meeting a powerful, dance-friendly production aesthetic.

Groovy Electro Jams for Fans of Shallou. - Kaption: Emotional
Explores the juxtaposition of heartbreak with a search for deliverance, and lays down a groove that borrows equally from Shallou and Wingtip.

Oskar Kronback, who performs as KOPS, is a multi-talented musician from Denmark that is getting ready to drop his debut EP "ARTWORK." His latest single "Part Of Life" is a song about feeling uncomfortable in your own safe space, even among family and friends. KOPS grew up singing in a classical boys choir with dreams of becoming a House DJ. As a songwriter and producer, he is not afraid to explore his sensitive side, and on this track he digs deep to describe his feelings of being different from everyone else.

Enigmatic Dance Pop from Denmark. - KOPS: Part Of Life
Combines dark lyrics, an uplifting groove, and an infectious sense of creativity with a production style that splits the difference between salsa and hip hop.

Could Be U is arguably the biggest banger from Korky Buchek yet: it is filled with uplifting summer feels and features the soulful vocals of Rellyman. This duo once again blends genres, and finds itself poised between pop-house and electro for an exuberant new single. Could Be U exposes that moment of instant attraction between strangers, and the effervescent hope of a night to remember - the mystery itself is part of the pleasure.

Effervescent Pop-House from Australia & Samoa. - Korky Buchek x Rellyman: Could Be U
Exposes that moment of instant attraction between strangers, and the effervescent hope of a night to remember - the mystery itself is part of the pleasure.

Los Angeles based producer-artist duo NEO NOIR announces the release of their song "Jezebel" on label Music Noir, which was written about the heart-pains of dating in Hollywood, and the emotional hardship that can occur at the hands of narcissists and fame-chasers. "Jezebel" is an autobiographical narrative, drenched in indie-pop sugar and NEO NOIR's signature razor-sharp production sense.

Electro Pop from Los Angeles Finds Catharsis in Rejection. - NEO NOIR x AIMEE: Jezebel
After the disappointment of a love gone bad, we are given the gift of self-reflection.

With a goal of taking a light-hearted approach to serious topics, PuffHost is made up of two 90’s kids that struggle with their millennialism. Their latest track "20 Somethings" is a shout-out to all the young Americans out there who are broke, lonely, and spending all their money on avocado toast.

Millennial Hip Hop Anthem to Avocado Toast. - PuffHost: 20 Somethings (Music Video)
Finding happiness has a lot to do with balancing the banal force of materialistic corporatism against a yearning for spiritual generosity.

Neverkid's debut single When It Comes To You is an indie pop track that features a stacked-vocal chorus hook served over 80s-retro synths and an edgy, pulsating bass loop. Neverkid's moody, alto-vocal performance provides a melodic counter-balance to the driving beat, while the inspiration for the song comes from a place of intensity and frustration with a relationship that is not what it seemed to be at the beginning.

Aggressive Indie Pop from Brisbane FFO Robyn. - Neverkid: When It Comes To You (music video)
A raw and personal vision of aggressive, rhythmic indie pop, perfect for fans of Robyn.

Canadian artist and producer Jason Zerbin rose to prominence in the Canadian indie scene with infectious tracks marked by emotive hooks and spiritual undertones. Twenty Nine was written about a difficult year: being stuck and overthinking, feeling unfulfilled and not being able to just let things go.

A Powerful Mix of Electro Pop and Personal Catharsis. - Zerbin: Twenty Nine
A powerful mix of electro-pop and well-incubated personal catharsis adds depth to the sonic footprint of this prolific musical artist.

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