CHILL New Volume 4

CHILL New Volume 4

With hot tracks from Cat Pierce, Jacksonville Kid, and Across the Board, this month we have a bit of a dark-soul fever crossed with some 80's throwback and some straight Indie Rock. We had to increase the size of our playlist because there were so many great songs this time. 

We are 3 months in with the launch of CHILLFILTR, and so far we are killing it. We are currently #937,504 in the US according to Alexa and I just want to say thank you to all of the CHILLFILTR artists that submit their music to us. We appreciate you.

This month there is a slow-burn kind of vibe to tracks from Max Garcia Conover, Jon Moodie, and Parker, and a classic rock feel with extra personality from RIVVRS, The Brothers Moore, and Samia.

I keep saying this, but I am more impressed every month with the quality of submissions. I have a personal rule about songs that come my way, which is that if they are good they will be accepted, regardless of current volume. That's how we ended up with 50% more tracks this time around. This is a diverse collection of roots-inspired tracks from new artists all over the world; I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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