A deep baritone voice delivers us to the Appalachia of yore, where the lyrical style, the bluegrass prominence, and above all the joyful rhythmic delivery feel modern and well-produced, but are also of a piece with Godwin’s own heritage. Having been born and raised in West Virginia, the sound of Charles Wesley Godwin’s voice is a clear echo of the generations before him.

The typical elements of bluegrass are the acoustic guitar, the banjo, and the mandolin, and the lonesome-cowboy persona, here with added dobro, and fiddle. From the rugged vocal, we learn of the all-important love, and we step into that world of high-wind-through-the-mountains, of hoedowns, and strawberry wine. As the narrative develops we understand his encounter with a ‘low-land angel’, and the way that his life was never the same again. Strawberry Queen, the latest single from Charles Wesley Godwin, is a graceful and authentic story which stands as a testament to the staying power of true love.