In a moment of hardship, Celine Cairo explores a beautiful sense of resilience and even-tempered spirituality. Recorded in Amsterdam's legendary Studio 150, "Found A Light" discusses the way that Celine made peace with her past in a moment of presence and melodic intimacy. This ethereal track offers a bit of wisdom for anyone that struggles to find balance in these trying times.

Celine says: "I wrote this song when I was alone in the studio after a long day of rehearsals and it just hit me how things had changed, how I was feeling so alive and balanced, and that wasn't always the case. I sat down with my favorite acoustic guitar and felt so overwhelmed, just by how aging, acceptance and getting help really pulled my out of that dark time. It's time to make peace with the fact that I've gone that deep and I hope somebody out there will feel that their dark times will pass too."

As she brings together elements of chamber pop with a delicate fingerpicking pattern on the acoustic guitar, Celine Cairo exposes the sensitive core of the human heart, and delivers a unique and gorgeous sound in the process of finding personal strength. Studio 150 is a big church built in the early 20's that was recently renovated to become one of Holland's most renowned recording studios. Celine really enjoyed the inspiration and sonic texture that came with this unique historic location, as this soothing and plaintive track introduces the world to a new chapter in her career with style and poise in abundant supply.

I never needed saving
Until I did and then I thought it was too late
When all the lights were fading
I found a love inside I never knew I had
And I took it with me

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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