The Slang - Harm

The Slang - Harm

The images come fast and thick, because there is not enough time to cover it all; the sense of urgency here comes from the pain, from that knowledge that nothing lasts. It feels real because it’s a world of compromise:

I break my bones to break your fall
I hang it up to take your call
I tear it down to build your wall
ain’t that the way
— The Harm

That’s a feeling a lot of us have, and I love that this song spotlights the underbelly of codependence: that delicious poison that is life, killing us slowly.

Somehow the takeaway is inspired, and light, and makes it all ok: maybe an upbeat acoustic strum track, a snappy beat, and some vocal syrup is all you need.

The full song is available below if you don’t have a Spotify account.

The Slang is an American indie rock band that writes about common topics from their uncommon perspective.

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