Vilde - Rabbit Hole

Vilde - Rabbit Hole

This kind of throaty, dry, and slightly metallic vocal will always remind me of Thom Yorke, but here it's not as falsetto-driven. There are art-rock similarities to Radiohead, but more than that, the process-nerd and the perfectionist together create a stylistic signature that feels both futuristic and homey.

It is slightly robotic and mysterious music, peppered with swells and the sound of brainwaves seemingly made real: the whir and cluck of unknown gadgets, of looming obsolescence. Married the way it is to the classic warmth of live drums and guitar, it gives a delicate, if slightly dystopian vision of the future:

Follow me back to the end
I’m in love with the nigh
the mystery of the rabbit hole
in the blink of an eye
— Vilde

Vilde is the Melbourne/Stockholm based project of Thomas Savage. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist.

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