Percy Falls - Miss You

Percy Falls - Miss You

The massive sound of that cello is right up front, bringing you to attention; while the vocal holds you in it's presence, so inviting, the chopped-up drum groove draws circles in the ground. And finally the duet breaks through the clouds and we see the sky.

We return to the guitar, the folk-bed of fast fingers, and the lyrics feel like a message about the essence of life, and how to start over:

Because we don’t know who we are
who’s gonna shake us down
so we’ll sell this beat-up car
we’ve run it into the ground
— Percy Falls

Percy Falls, with their new single Miss You, provide a gorgeous melody and a folk-inspired requiem for the lost magic of yesterday, even as they inspire new possibilities for tomorrow.

Percy Falls is a folk-rock duo based in Austin, Texas. They are featured this week on our Roots Collection playlist.

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Creative Commons License