Gretchen's Wheel - The Maze

Gretchen's Wheel - The Maze

It's a guitar-driven sound and those straight 8th-note strums blend with a mesmerizing voice to create a washy and stylistic world of melancholy. It's a place where we are stuck inside the gears of life:

No easy way in
no easy way out
you’ve been here before
you failed to reroute
— Gretchen's Wheel

What Gretchen's Wheel offers us with The Maze, which was just released today, is a warm mid-tempo romp with shades of mono synth and a sparse, well-poised melodic narrative. The elements of electric guitar and the type of lyricism present in this track gather together a very modern feel, a sort of Tron-world sound, by at turns using minimalism and track-stacking to build energy and some beautiful harmony.

Gretchen's Wheel is an indie-pop solo project by Lindsay Murray from Nashville, TN. This song is currently featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist. 

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