Jake Winstrom - Blue Eyes Don't Fail Me Now

Jake Winstrom - Blue Eyes Don't Fail Me Now

This is folk-flavored Americana, fraught with fiddle, banjo, and a sexy duet. With a nod to the Great Smokies and the music of the Tennessee Valley, this could have been a recording done by A.P. Carter on a porch in Knoxville somewhere. 

It's a playful number about the game of attraction and the stories we tell ourselves. Sometimes it comes down to a touch-or-go moment, and we leave it to our own instinct.

I don’t need to know
where you been, just where you want to go
stealing a kiss at the bar
what used to be so easy got so hard
— Jake Winstrom

Jake Winstrom is a singer-songwriter who 'cut his teeth in east Tennessee'.

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