THE SAVILLES - Something Strange

THE SAVILLES - Something Strange

What I love the most about this song is the power of the voice in the hook. I get somewhere in between Madonna and Bjork, mid 90's. Except the production is better now and the dance vibe has fused itself into the pop machine. They are one and the same; that guitar tone and the synth stabs could all have come from a Franz Ferdinand record, but the voice of Meg Britannie is sheer punk-power.


It comes in with a washed-out drum loop sound, you get hit with those heavy guitar 8th notes, and then it's like you're strapped in and the rockets are firing and you are flying through a sci-fi space safari with a heavy caffeine buzz.

This is the new thing: effortlesslessly shifting from 1950's guitar rock to modern folk pop to a retrograde synth-pop sound. It's not just the move, it's what you do with it.

THE SAVILLES are an electro pop rock quartet from Toronto gearing up for a Spring 2018 launch on Fontana/Gypsy Soul Records with their debut LP.

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