This review was originally published in May of 2018.

This one has that little Marrakesh-nightclub paradiddle, it's a throwback jazz-pop inflection that flows with the combo organ sound on a sweltering late-summer day in London, or NYC, circa 1971. As second-year signees to the RIP Records Introduces Series, Blackaby is a fresh collaboration between multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and writer Will Blackaby, Swedish-born guitarist and vocalist Rebecka Reinhard, and Ziyad Al-Samman on bass guitar. They have a vintage pop sound with references to Blur and Vampire Weekend.

There is a lot of precision to the production here, the folding of those harmonies one over the other like layers of puff pastry. It's a few minor chords, drenched in butterfat, wrapped in a strummy electric guitar from Sterling Morrison's garage. Dig in.

Blackaby is an alternative rock trio from London.