Ben Esser releases his first single in two years with 'Stripes.' Created with New York-based emawk and UK guitar-wunderkind Beau Diako, Stripes is a collaborative gem that perfectly encapsulates a raw moment of pure inspiration.

Esser is cautious not to overcomplicate or overproduce his music, and Stripes touts a refreshing simplicity, combining an introspective lyricism with a sense of electronic rapture. After his breakout debut single 'Love You More,' this talented and prolific producer put his own projects on hold in order to help other artists perfect their own sound, most notably by producing Noah Slee's critically-acclaimed debut album 'Otherland' (Majestic Casual / Wondercore Island). Now, Ben Esser puts forward a summer vibe that is delicious and inviting: Stripes features soul-flavored vocals from emawk, a laser-precise mix, and 2 downtempo minutes of buttery groove.

West of wherever we're about to be
Where our whereabouts and our wishes meet
Somewhere like summer

Benn Esser is a producer and songwriter from Berlin. This song is featured on our CHILL Angeles playlist. Read this piece on Apple News.