We've covered the music of Anson Seabra before; his music brings to mind the sounds of Regina Spektor, and Yiruma, with a fluid touch on the acoustic piano, and the ability to directly access a universally-relatable palate of human emotion. With latest track "Trying My Best," he calls out the self-critic that lives in all of us, and dispels the viciousness that often comes with a lack of patience for our own missteps.

When asked about the evolution of his sound, Seabra remembers a day in the summer of 2015, when 'Old Thing Back' by Matoma was featured on a Spotify playlist on his computer, as he wondered to himself: who was to say that he couldn't find a similar success? "Trying My Best" lays a delicate framework for the eventual catharsis of unqualified self-acceptance, and explores the symbolic exercise of speaking directly to our own anxious self with a voice of gentle acceptance. As depression and disquiet can be increasingly seen as the rational response to an impossible set of social demands, the ability to balance the pressures of career and romance and family becomes predicated on a foundation of self-love. With a wistful and dynamic performance, Anson Seabra speaks to a generation of millennials in the simple message that we are all doing the best we can, and deserve a break from censure in the confines of our own heart.

This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.

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