We work with a music licensing agency called Visionworks, out of Los Angeles, that places songs in movies, TV shows, advertisements, film, and video games. Use this page to submit your best work. Please remember:

You need to have an instrumental version of your song available right now.

Instrumental mixes are always necessary for successful placement.

Your song needs to be a perfect match on genre.

Genre specifics are very important. Don't waste our time or yours - if you're not sure, it is probably not a good match.

You need to have full control over your masters and publishing.

To enter a deal, you need to have legal rights to administer your song. If you have co-writers, that can still work, but you need a legal document from them before you submit that says that have the right to enter into an agreement for that song on their behalf, and that they understand the proceeds of any deal will be paid directly to you.

You must be willing to sign an exclusive deal for 2 years that covers this song, and any others that you choose to submit.

The timelines move quickly, but sometimes months go by before a deal is offered. That means we need to represent you exclusively so that the work we do does not go to waste.

If you meet these requirements and can provide paperwork to prove it, send us your best song and we will get in touch if it is a good match for what we are looking for.

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