Something abut the interplay between drums, heavy synth, and a soul-flavored vocal pushing a blues narrative forward, feels universal to a certain kind of mood. It’s aggressive, but also dynamic, and the melody achieves a sense of power, in simple terms of cadence, as well as production value.

It’s a combination of riff, emotive vocal delivery, and inflated energy. Although this type of guitar-forward, synth-assisted alpha-rock was popularized 2 decades ago with bands like Living Color, Fishbone, and Faith No More, the sound here is visited with a modern refresh, and fades easily into the current context of fist-pumping festival rock, adding a few tricks from the dubstep playbook in the process.

“Did you need forgiveness
or did you need my soul”— Andy Suzuki & The Method

NYC-based Andy Suzuki and Kozza Olatunji-Babumba have been making music together since they were classmates in college. This song is featured on our CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist.