This review was originally published in June of 2018.

The simple and beautiful vocal harmony, the cello, and the acoustic guitar add some real depth to the sense of longing. The revelation is that the only thing that can ever change is us. So we accept who we are, with a sort of martyrdom:

“Now we walk along these streets
all I notice is the passing feet
all the hours that we both know
just wasted trying to talk throughout the night”— Andrew James & The Steady Tiger

The complete lack of pretense in the arrangement, and the improvisational feeling to the guitar-work all contribute to a meditative undercurrent, a general peace and openness to the sound of it. I am reminded of the folky power of an Alexi Murdoch.

Andrew James & The Steady Tiger form this duo from Cape Town, South Africa. This song is featured in the CHILL NEW Songwriters playlist on Spotify. It was released years ago but is new to the US.