This review was originally published in April of 2018.

Getting over someone is a rich field of inspiration. Why that matters is that you can do actual work; this feels a bit like a therapy session, with Alex Vickery on the couch and we are the listener. She is writing a letter to her ex-lover. It's a spicy letter, but also cold. The realities of a toxic relationship are that you keep swinging after the final bell has rung.

Those that can cry, will cry. Those that can write, will write. The lyrics are a vessel for the melody which builds up the jazzy chanteuse with a swingy backbeat. What's not to love?

With her new single Warmest Regards, Alex Vickery buries the hatchet of her bad love in the fertile ground of modern Indie Pop.

Sony ATV singer songwriter Alex Vickery is from Australia, now based in LA.