Running on a deep and wistful sense of ultimate resolution, Strange Things is a beautiful ballad from Alex Dunaway about self-inspection, and the wholehearted acceptance of whatever is found. It starts with a simple folk-style acoustic guitar, but molts gracefully into a fully electric presentation, with even a hint of gospel harmony by the end.

The essence of Dunaway’s voice is a direct and unwavering soprano, with a decidedly minimal sense of vibrato; the breathy purity of each note is more than enough to fend for itself. With the entrance of a roots band pocket, and a 16th-note stick pattern, veiled behind a dreamy wall of reverb, the transformation is complete. We emerge from the process of seeking, only to continue to seek.

Morning breaks again and I’m fine
the sun is out again and I know it’s time to step outside
but I’m afraid I might feel too alive

Alex Dunaway is a singer-songwriter from Southern California. This song is featured on our Rainy Day playlist.