A&R Updates: Song Search (Ethereal & Cinematic Indie Rock)

A&R Updates: Song Search (Ethereal & Cinematic Indie Rock)


Searching for a few songs to submit to Bering Sea Gold.

They mentioned two songs to reference as templates:

Zayde Wolfe "Cold Blooded"

Alice In Chains "No Excuses"

For lyrical content ideal phrases could include words or similar word/phrases/sentiments such as: "Whatever it takes", "Do what you gotta do", "Not giving up", “No More Excuses” etc.

Also the idea of perseverance. Doing whatever it takes to get to the finish line!

Please send anything that is close to the lyrical content noted above with the sound of a Zayde Wolfe type of track or Alice in Chains type of sound/feel in “No Excuses”.

Scene description:

We’re searching for a track to deliver a kick of adrenaline to the premiere episode of Bering Sea Gold’s winter ice mining season. It will be featured as part of a montage of cast interviews and breathtaking Alaskan winter landscapes that will set the stage for what will be the toughest winter gold mining season yet.

If you have a song that fits this description, submit here.


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